Matrix Reimprinting

The ‘Amygdala Hijack‘ – an artificially created Now-Experience based on a past memory.

This is not just when every bold guy with glasses makes you cringe, because they remind you of your greasy year 2 teacher. Our brain-internal alarm system – the Amygdala – has priority access to the reactions of FIGHT-FLIGHT-FREEZE-FAINT, which used to be vital for our survival and it goes back to times when we were realistically threatened by creatures like Saber-toothed Tigers.
What happens in our brain is a chain-reaction triggered by the alarm system, message of a threat is passed on to the chemist in the brain and an ‘appropriate’ chemical mixture is sent into our body and we become – frightened, aggressive, stiff or blank out etc. After all this took place the cognitive (thinking) mind has heard of the incident and now looks at the real facts – “Ahh, it is only a poster of a Tiger. Stop screaming and running through the supermarket !”

Memories can be a trigger for unwanted reactions and we have very little conscious control over these. In a Matrix process tapping is used to assist the journey to an event that is out of reach for the cognitive mind. We enter the sub-conscious, where our memories are stored AND where the Amygdala reaches into to compare a current event with something similar of the past.

In a Matrix Reimprinting process memories are changed and the belief we took on in that eventful moment. Changing deep-rooted behaviours that were established through a traumatic event. And like in standard tapping, the trauma itself doesn’t have to be re-lived by the client during the session, making it an ideal method for treating distressing events.