About EFT

Tap Into Freedom

Freedom of pain, freedom of suffering, freedom of dis-ease.
Being free to do anything and fully live as one self.

Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapping, Energy Psychology or ‘Acupuncture without the needles’. human-meridians-eft-tapping
This non-invasive technique is a wonderful blend of ancient medicine and modern psychoanalysis. It uses end points of specific Meridians (Energy Pathways of the body). These points are stimulated through tapping or rubbing while a Mantra-like phrase that addresses the issue is repeated.
Emotional Freedom Techniques was established in the 1990’s by Gary Craig. Based on Thought Field Therapy by Dr Roger Callahan, where EFT is a simplified version of TFT. In the 80’s Callahan had a client named Mary who had a strong phobia of water, which made even walking in the rain a traumatic event for her. After 18 months of trying various therapies Callahan gave the 5,000 year old Chinese knowledge a go and tapped on the end points of the affected area’s Meridian. Mary got instant relief from her phobia and ‘Tapping’ was born.

When looking up EFT’s reputation in the realms of ‘acknowledged’ science you will find it still doesn’t score too well, as many years of so called ‘anecdotal’ evidence had the result of EFT being dismissed as not credible.
Yet scientific proof is increasing continuously and even large health organisations are taking more and more notice of EFT as effective therapy. It is used in schools, for PTSD with war veterans, eating disorder, depression and other mental issues. The areas where tapping helps people and its popularity is constantly growing.

EFT is also used in a modality of memory reconciliation called ‘Matrix Reimprinting’.
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