About Gerold

Coming from an intact family without abuse I believed to be free of any heavy burdens – so I thought. Shortly after arriving in Australia from Austria in 2008, I was invited to participate in an intense weekend of self-discovery with the ManKind Project. Something I had longed for for a good while.
Since then I have been working hard and continuously on myself. Realising that I and many of us carry luggage around which is way too bulky or too heavy for the journey and often isn’t even our own.

Training with Bennie Naudé, Jamie Catto and many others in the field of self-awareness and self-healing has improved my life significantly and gave me tools to assist others in their journey to a life free of restrictions and pain. And this passion to support others has become my focus in life.

When I first read about Emotional Freedom Techniques I was reluctant to believe that it is that simple and effective. I flicked back and forth in the book trying to find the catch. And I did not find it. 
EFT is as easy as “these are the points, this is the phrase – let’s tap”.
You may say “why would I need an EFT practitioner than ?”. And you are right, as my tapping isn’t necessarily better than yours. I encourage self-tapping for anything that comes up in your day-to-day life. Yet there may be issues which require assistance from outside, too big to deal with by yourself or buried deeply in your sub-conscious and hard to reach.
I see my role as facilitator asking the right questions for you to find your answers inside.
And off course there are some special tricks that need a little more training and practice.

gerold-mayr-eft-tappingGerold Mayr